Thursday 26 September 2013

New Normal in People Potential

The Smartphone and more specifically the release of Apple’s iPhone five years ago has sparked a new mindset with customers and employees. I call it the “I should be able to” expectation.

From the palm of our hands we can manage our private & public lives, access a world of knowledge, know our location on the earth’s surface, and record the journey along the way. Hi-tech enabled ‘people potential’ has forever raised the standard for ease of access, engagement, and simplicity. Old methods, clumsy systems, inefficient processes, and time-consuming redundancy have quickly slipped from tolerated to unthinkable.

Leaders have an extraordinary opportunity to embrace the new “people potential” and guide change so that it aligns with the organization’s values and objectives. A free-for-all pursuit of change “for change sake” should be avoided as it will end up creating confusion, diluting focus, and interrupting proven delivery systems that you depend on. Engaging a Guide and carefully managing each step forward is essential.

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Jason Caldwell
Twitter: @ci2group

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